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We are Scaffold Tower Hire. The company is owned by Peter Pierson and his central London team provides scaffolding to rent and purchase to thousands of valued clients in London and across the south east.
We can help you find the exact scaffolding you need, depending on the size and shape of your project. There are a wide variety of scaffolding options available, from smaller, mobile scaffolding to larger, fixed scaffolding.
We know that scaffolding is essential for the majority of new build, construction, renovation and reconstruction work. To ensure smooth operation of all types of works we aim to offer our services at extremely competitive prices. We even deliver your final product to the intended location.

What Is Fixed Scaffolding?

As the name suggests, fixed scaffolding doesn’t move around. It is built alongside the outside wall of the house or building. It’s often independent of the building’s structure and always has an internal ladder.


What is Mobile Scaffolding?

Mobile scaffolding is freestanding and mounted on wheels that allow it to be moved alongside the wall or perimeter of the building. Most residential projects can be managed via mobile scaffolding.

If you aren’t sure which scaffolding you need, contact our friendly team to discuss your requirements and a free no obligation quote.